Increase Your Sales by Delighting Your Customers Through Communications

Provide fantastic customer experiences through custom integrations to streamline your communications, sales, marketing, and customer service.

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Delight Your Customers as Soon as They Call

Delight your customers by providing a holistic experience using communication with automated yet hyper-personalized messages from your enterprise, whether for sales, marketing, or customer service purposes.

SimpleVoIP can help you provide your customer with a great purchasing experience from beginning to end of a sale with our customized auto-attendant, curbside pick-up app, and mobile app.

Get a reliable and affordable communication system with all the features, integrations, and customizations you need to focus on securing and increasing your sales

Hyper-Personalize Your Automated Communications

With SimpleVoIP, you can program special announcements for your auto-attendant based on the times and dates that your customers call. 

We understand that it’s time-consuming for enterprises to update store hours on their UCaaS system, website, and third-party applications, such as Google and Yelp. So, we’ve automated our system and auto-attendant features to react based on the store hours listed on your website. 

We’ve built integrations that will automatically sync any changes on your website and apply them to SimpleVoIP’s database, Google, and Yelp. So you only have to take one action to create synchronal changes for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of your locations. 

This unified prompt will let your SimpleVoIP system and auto-attendant react and provide customized messages based on your website’s store hours.  

For today’s world, SimpleVoIP’s got the goods.

Check out our fantastic tools like  web ordering, text messaging, and GPS for order and pick-up! SimpleVoIP has more than  40 incredible features, including three unique, must-have features that make communications between you and customers smooth and straightforward. 

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