Keep Your Stakeholders Informed Through Automated and Personalized Communications

Inform your students, parents, and teachers of school hours, events, and changes to your day-to-day operations with our flexible communication system.

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Ensure the Safety of Your Students and Teachers

Ensure the Safety of Your Students with a Reliable and Responsive Phone System

Get site-to-site dialing and classroom phone configurations with extra safety functions that immediately alert and inform first responders when calling 911.

Use our emergency messaging feature to inform your stakeholders of changes to your day-to-day operations and get agile customer support that can easily change your call flows with any customization requests. 

How Childcare Network Secures Its Children's Safety

With over 30,000 students and 300 locations, learn how this leading provider of childcare services successfully secures its stakeholders’ safety in response to COVID-19 using our VoIP services.

Get a Phone Service that will Keep Your Kids Safe

Get a reliable and affordable communication system with all the  features, integrations, and customizations you need to hyper-focus on securing  your students‘  learning and safety.

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