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SimpleVoIP offers turnkey phone system solutions for distributed enterprises. We strive to provide seamless user experiences while providing reliable and comprehensive phone services at affordable rates.

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We deploy voice solutions differently by going through an iterative process with you to ensure that your communication system has all the unique features and custom integrations that your enterprise needs.

After perfecting a pilot location, we can then use that blueprint to replicate it for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of your other sites.

With this process, we can provide services for any new location within seconds through our magic auto-provisioning and templated configurations.

We’re consistent, fast, reliable, and flexible to work with any requisites that your enterprise needs.

We have immense experience specializing in distributed enterprises, and we can provide you with agile and high-touch support that big telecommunications companies can’t give you.

Our US-based VoIP experts will go above and beyond to provide you with fantastic customer support. Our priority is to ensure that you, your people, and your customers communicate as efficiently and effectively as possible.
SimpleVoIP will save you a lot of money and guaranteecomprehensive solutions,abundant features, anddependable servicesthat will solve all your communication problems.

Schedule a consultation with us to compare your service and its current monthly bill with how much we can save you with our services.

Check out our fantastic tools like web ordering, text messaging, and GPS for order and pick-up! SimpleVoIP has incredible features that make communications between you and customers smooth and straightforward.

Custom-designed solutions
for your enterprise

We’ve done the research, so we understand that every enterprise requires different communication structures. We’ll work with you to identify your necessities and provide you with the best fitting solution for your business. Our team will go beyond expectations to develop customized applications and integrations specific to your needs and equip you with all the features to help your business thrive.

Maximize the potential of your business operations with our cutting-edge solution that offers customized integrations for your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (Point of Sale) system, and business software.

Seamlessly streamline your communication process, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market. Our platform equips your enterprise with analytics, empowering you to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions for maximum success and growth.

The concept is simple: we’ve created an iterative process where we work with you through lab tests and pilots to build the perfect communication system equipped with customized applications and integrations for one of your locations.

Once that pilot location has everything you want, including names of phones, extension numbers, systemized buttons, and personalized features, we can then take that blueprint and reproduce replicas of that communication system for all your other locations. We also offer template plus for sites that need different customizations.

Benefits of Magic Auto Provisioning:

  1. Ease of deployment
  2. Immediate provisioning
  3. Streamlined support
  4. Bulk changes can be made with one press of a button
With SimpleVoIP, you can program special announcements for your auto-attendant based on the times and dates that your customers call.

We understand that it’s time-consuming for enterprises to update store hours on their UCaaS system, website, and third-party applications, such as Google and Yelp. So, we’ve automated our system and auto-attendant features to react based on the store hours listed on your website.

We’ve built integrations that will automatically sync any changes on your website and apply them to SimpleVoIP’s database, Google, and Yelp. So you only have to take one action to create synchronal changes for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of your locations.

This unified prompt will let your SimpleVoIP system and auto-attendant react and provide customized messages based on your website’s store hours.

Our client, a national hamburger franchise group, did a market study and found that 25% of their customers still prefer ordering food directly by telephone instead of using delivery apps such as GrubHub, Door Dash, or Uber Eats.

SimpleVoIP custom-designed a solution wherein customers can call the restaurant and speak to an auto-attendant that will ask which numbered parking spot they’re located. Then, SimpleVoIP’s system will automatically find the customers’ information based on their phone numbers in conjunction with the franchise group’s POS system.

The search will then show the status of customers’ orders. The auto-attendant can then update customers through text to speech if their orders are complete or if they need to wait a certain number of minutes.

VoIP services that meet your industry needs.

Increase Your Sales by Delighting Your Customers Through Communications

Provide fantastic customer experiences through custom integrations to streamline your communications, sales, marketing, and customer service.

Phone Issues Shouldn’t be an Item on Your Menu

Run your franchise restaurants efficiently with phone services and communication solutions perfected for businesses in the restaurant industry.

Enterprise-Level Services for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business

No matter the size, your business deserves high-quality communication and customer support, so you can focus on what truly matters: delighting your customers.

Secured Communications with Your Patients

Ensure your patients’ privacy with a reliable and secure communication system, and immediately attend to your patient’s needs with automated attendants that can be integrated into your healthcare CRM.

Keep Your Stakeholders Informed Through Automated and Personalized Communications

Inform your students, parents, and teachers of school hours, events, and changes to your day-to-day operations with our flexible communication system.

Auto Attendant

No need for multiple lines. No more busy signals. No more “Hold, please.” No more wasting time on one line providing directions and hours over and over again.

Auto Attendant

No need for multiple lines. No more busy signals. No more “Hold, please.” No more wasting time on one line providing directions and hours over and over again.

What is an Auto Attendant?

Step 1

Caller dials into your business line

Step 2

Incoming calls are answered by your pre-recorded greeting

Step 3

Auto Attendent presents caller with the menu of available call

Step 4

Caller select from the menu and is routed to the correct person

Simple VoIP Mobile App

Answer calls, send and receive text messages and check your voicemail from anywhere
Other great features include:
Caller ID with the name eFax an intercom paging system; and professional on-hold music or custom recorded messaging.

SimpleVoIP also optimizes your network and provides onsite installation and support.