Microsoft Teams Integration

Get the convenience of Microsoft Teams with the resiliency and reliability of the SimpleVoIP platform! 

Microsoft Teams Integration Phone Communication for Businesses

SimpleVoIP offers an integration that enables you to add the Microsoft Teams dial pad as another phone option. With our MS Teams integration, you can start using the native dial pad within the Teams app as a softphone backed by SimpleVoIP.

By creating a direct route between our network and Microsoft Teams, we have activated the telephony capabilities in Microsoft Teams as a softphone, enabling Teams users to make and receive calls without changing their phone system or leaving the Teams UI.

Benefits of MS Teams Integration

Keep your SimpleVoIP-powered functionality, but add Microsoft Teams as a softphone option. This integration provides the ability to:

  • Make outbound calls and receive inbound calls with the native dial pad in Teams.
  • Receive SimpleVoIP notifications within the Microsoft Teams UI.
  • Customize softkeys with Feature Codes to incorporate VoIP features into the Teams dial pad.
  • Enjoy the call flows, apps, and other essential tools you already use with SimpleVoIP.
  • Keep Microsoft Teams as your Unified Communications client.
MS Teams Dial Pad
Microsoft Teams Integration for Business Communications Remote or Hybrid

MS Teams Integration License

All standard features of SimpleVoIP licensing are included. End-user licensing for Teams is included with Enterprise licensing. Teams licensing can be added to other licenses. Features include the native dial pad within Teams, DND, call forwarding, Office365 directories, and contacts.


  • Is this Direct Routing or Operator Connect? SimpleVoIP uses Direct Routing on the back end to connect the customer’s Microsoft tenant to our cloud PBX, which provides all the call routing features and functionality. Teams is considered a softphone.
  • Do we have to use Teams exclusively? No. Some users can use Teams; the SimpleVoIP Mobile app can be used, as well as desktop phones (standard or Teams-enabled phones), desktop apps, etc.
  • Do we need to manage functionality in the Microsoft console? No – all functionality is managed within the standard SimpleVoIP portals and is managed by SimpleVoIP as part of the service.
  • How do we add and remove users? Open a ticket with SimpleVoIP support to add or remove users. You can change names yourself via the self-service portals.
  • What phones are available specifically for Teams? Please click here to see the phones we recommend.
  • Can we purchase only Direct Routing from SimpleVoIP and manage functionality ourselves via the Microsoft portal? No, we do not offer a bare-bones telco service.
  • What licensing is required for this? It requires Microsoft Phone system licensing, which is sold separately, or an E5 license.