Call Center Pro

Call Center Pro is our native call center app that offers more features and functionality than ever before. Its streamlined UI enables enhanced execution of everything from call handling for agents to queue management for admins. Call Center Pro’s capabilities provide a powerful and highly versatile call center option for your clients, with a robust performance dashboard. From improved queue interaction and a new call experience to increased manager enablement, Call Center Pro offers all the features and functionality needed for a thriving call center.

With the Call Center Pro app, you can:

  1. Create queues, and set up call center environments directly in the app
  2. View a member’s assigned queues, status in each queue, call information for each queue, and other agents assigned to queues.
  3. Get a comprehensive overview of all call center members, including their status, role, assigned queues, and skills.
  4. Create customized skills and utilize skill tagging to assign skills to members in one click easily
  5. Ensure call quality through the built-in barge and whisper capabilities

Queue Inspector

The new queue inspector allows members to open a queue and view the currently waiting calls, members assigned to that queue, their status, and activity logs.

Queue Performance at a Glance

Categorized information gives a clearer understanding of a member’s assigned queues, their status in each queue, the call information regarding each queue, and other agents assigned to queues.

Status Control Mechanism

Members can control their status at the global level, affecting all queues they are assigned to or at the individual queue level.

A New Call Experience

The call details drawer brings incoming calls to the forefront, allowing members to see crucial information regarding that call. The drawer is hidden when there is no active call, freeing up screen space for a cleaner and more efficient interface

Increased Manager Enablement

Experience better member management through a comprehensive overview of all call center members, including their status, role, assigned queues, and skills 

Performance Insight

Managers can now look up performance metrics for the agents responsible, and agents can stay informed of their performance. 

Queue Creation Workflow

A friendly and more guided experience for creating queues and setting up call center environments

Call Center Member Pool

Administrators can tag system users as call center members and assign them roles (agent or manager). From there, skills can be assigned to members, and members can be assigned to queues.