About Us

We aim to make enterprise communication easy and simple.

SimpleVoIP has been unifying communications for clients with multiple business locations since 2015. We understand the complexities that distributed enterprises go through in streamlining their voice and data networks which is why we’ve built our company to be agile in providing customized services that cater to our clients’ varying needs.

We’ve designed and evolved systems with unlimited capacity and smart features based on our experience serving franchisors, franchisees, major retailers, and large businesses of prominent brands.

Meet Our Leaders

Our entire organization is committed to giving top-notch services to our valued customers.
SimpleVoIP is spearheaded by an exceptional leadership team with immense experience providing network solutions and telecommunication services to distributed enterprises.
Founder and CEO

Why SimpleVoIP

With the changes that have been brought about these times, it matters what kind of phone system you get for your business. Choose one that can evolve with you.

If you're still using one of the common, analog telephone providers, a switch to SimpleVoIP means:

Cut costs without compromising service quality and generate more revenue by switching to SimpleVoIP. SimpleVoIP is

Josh Robbins

Founder and CEO
Josh Robbins is a successful entrepreneur and investor with 20 years of experience in telecommunications. Before SimpleVoIP, Josh founded, built, and successfully sold Geckotech, a cloud-based enterprise VoIP (voice over IP) company providing a managed telephony solution in over 45 US states. In 2010, he merged Geckotech with M5 Networks in New York and then sold to ShoreTel, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOR) in 2012.

His career includes consulting positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lante Corporation, and Nortel Networks. Mr. Robbins also served as a forensic consultant and was deposed for eDiscovery and cybercrime cases and is a published author of 3 technology books.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a member of the advisory board of Robert Morris University in Chicago and an adjunct professor in the School of Computer Science.

Rob Bloedorn

VP of Sales
Rob Bloedorn is responsible for enabling SimpleVoIP’s sales by managing its team and funnel, employing new sales and marketing strategies, and maintaining relationships with strategic partners and vendors.

He is instrumental in developing the sales team into a channel-driven machine. Before SimpleVoIP, Rob owned and operated Engineering Solutions in Minnesota, which he grew to over $12 million in annual sales before successfully selling the company.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is responsible for understanding and formulating the strategic initiatives of SimpleVoIP. His networking capabilities have procured many enterprise customers and partners for the company, and he is laser-focused on executing strategies regarding business development.

Matt was with AuBeta Networks for eight years as VP of Sales. He grew AuBeta Networks from a regional network service provider into a national service provider, servicing some of the nation’s largest retail and restaurant enterprises.

Aside from his responsibilities as CSO, he is also the Co-Founder and CEO of CISSDM, North America’s premier enterprise SD-WAN, Aggregation, & UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) provider.

Nate McNair

Nate McNair is the CTO of SimpleVoIP, and he has an extraordinary vision of how technology will take us to the forefront. In addition, he has technical expertise with multiple technology sets that enables him to do the work and make it easier for our customers.

Before SimpleVoIP, Nate was the Director of Sales Engineering at AuBeta Networks, designing wide area network solutions. He headed core infrastructure design and build-out for hundreds of clients with thousands of endpoints. Before AuBeta, Nate also worked at ClearPath Networks, Exario Networks, and InternetConnect in similar roles. He is also currently a Co-Founder and CTO of CISSDM.