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A few ideas we've transformed into realities for our clients

AI-Powered CRM Integration to Boost Sales Efficiency for 650+ Stores

A leading smart bed manufacturer who was already a long-term SimpleVoIP client, came to use with an idea to streamline their sales and CRM processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrated with Teams.

SimpleVoIP harnessed AI capabilities to provide comprehensive call summaries, sentiment analysis, and actionable insights, empowering sales agents to enhance customer interactions and drive sales.

This connection enabled efficient call management within the CRM platform and required only active Dynamics 365 and Teams licenses. This integration demonstrated SimpleVoIP’s capability to support advanced AI features within CRM systems, boosting sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AI Integration to Enhance Customer Service Efficiency for 130+ Restaurants

A large restaurant management company, sought to improve their customer service by integrating AI technology to handle routine calls, such as reservations and general inquiries.

SimpleVoIP implemented an AI system they chose to manage routine tasks such as scheduling dinner appointments, providing quick and accurate responses while transitioning to human representatives when necessary.

This scalable solution was designed to support their multiple locations to enhance overall customer experience and showcasing SimpleVoIP’s ability to leverage third-party AI tools. The innovative integration delivers a dynamic and efficient customer service solution, setting new industry standards for restaurant management.

Centralized Billing and Unrestricted Messaging for Operational Efficiency

A leading cannabis retailer needed reliable, scalable communication solutions without restrictions on industry-specific messaging.

SimpleVoIP, in collaboration with a managed services partner, provided a centralized billing system, 24/7 monitoring, and order and pick-up options. This solution simplified payment processes with consolidated invoices and ensured 100% uptime with proactive management and redundant systems.

This project also provided unrestricted cannabis-related messaging, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and supporting the retailer’s expansion efforts. This project highlighted SimpleVoIP’s capability to deliver industry-compliant and scalable communication solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Maximized ROI with a Customizable and Efficient VoIP System for 300+ Locations

A leading childcare provider needed to enhance their communication system across 300 locations to increase ROI and streamline communication.

SimpleVoIP reused existing infrastructure, adapted existing phones to the new VoIP network, and implemented site-to-site dialing, emergency messaging, and safety functions.

This approach enabled intra-site and site-to-site communication with customized call flows, ensuring rapid communication during emergencies. The enhanced system increased efficiency, ensured safety, and provided a scalable solution for future growth, demonstrating SimpleVoIP’s expertise in delivering customizable and efficient VoIP solutions.

Comprehensive VoIP Solution for 1,200+ Locations That Saved Over $1 Million Annually

A major restaurant franchise needed to reduce telecom costs and manage over 1,200 PBX systems with multiple POTS lines and inconsistent service quality.

SimpleVoIP provided a fully managed UCaaS solution, including VLAN tagging for secure voice traffic, new handsets, and proactive monitoring systems for auto ticket generation to preemptively address issues.

This approach saved the franchise over $1 million annually by transitioning to VoIP and consolidating invoices. Additionally, robust hardware designed for tough environments was deployed, enhancing service reliability and providing valuable insights into customer call patterns.

The solution showcased SimpleVoIP’s ability to significantly reduce costs while improving service quality and operational efficiency.

Consolidated Communication Systems for 350+ Automotive Franchises to Increase Efficiency

A large auto service chain faced high costs and complexities from using various communication providers and outdated POTS systems across over 350 locations.

SimpleVoIP consolidated their communication systems into a single, managed VoIP solution, which significantly reduced costs and simplified management.

Key aspects included combining all services into one invoice for easy management, standardizing hardware and processes across all locations, and completing the transition swiftly to avoid contract re-ups.

This comprehensive approach led to substantial cost savings, streamlined operations, and improved communication reliability, demonstrating SimpleVoIP’s ability to deliver effective, large-scale communication solutions.

Modern Communication Systems with Retrofitted Hardware for 4,800+ Stores

A global beauty retailer needed a flexible communication system across 4,800 locations. The existing systems were inflexible, and vendor bottlenecks were prevalent.

SimpleVoIP retrofitted their communication systems with Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) solutions, allowing the retailer to maintain existing phones and processes without disruption. This quick deployment rolled out VoIP solutions to 100 locations per week, ensuring compatibility with existing phone systems and minimizing training needs.

Cost efficiency was achieved by providing ATAs at no cost, reducing upfront expenses. The project highlighted SimpleVoIP’s capability to execute large-scale deployments efficiently, ensuring operational continuity and enhancing communication capabilities.

Streamlined Disjointed Communication Systems with Cost-Effective VoIP for 350+ Restaurants

A prominent restaurant chain needed to upgrade from outdated POTS systems across 350 locations to reduce communication costs and improve service consistency.

SimpleVoIP implemented a unified VoIP solution, significantly reducing costs and streamlining operations. The comprehensive approach included coordinating network upgrades, installing new phones, and providing extensive training to ensure the staff were comfortable with the new system.

By consolidating multiple providers into a single VoIP solution, SimpleVoIP simplified management and significantly reduced expenses. The transition enhanced flexibility and communication efficiency, showcasing SimpleVoIP’s ability to deliver effective solutions that cater to complex, large-scale operations.

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