Ask These Questions Before Signing with a UCaaS Provider

Ask These Questions Before Signing with a UCaaS Provider

Before you switch to a cloud-based communications system, there are a few things to consider. For instance, consider the requirements of the entire organization, then look at the provider’s capabilities and offerings and ask them how they can address and solve your specific needs.

While you’re in the consideration stage, take the time to learn the different types of tools required to improve your communications infrastructure. Starting the process of choosing a UCaaS provider is crucial to a successful communication system, so we’re here to help you get all the facts ready to make an informed decision.

What kind of communication solution fits my business?

There are various types of cloud-based communications solutions on the market today. These include hybrid cloud, hosted solutions, and true cloud offerings. A true unified communications cloud solution is a type of communications system that can be fully hosted and operated on a single platform. With a hosted solution, the hardware and other necessary components of the system are managed by the vendor.

A hybrid cloud is often referred to as a step toward the cloud for legacy UC providers. However, the true cloud is becoming more popular among organizations due to its security, reliability, and simplicity. It also offers various features, such as customer support, disaster recovery, multiple integrations, advanced data and analytics, and more.

What features do you offer that can increase my business’s productivity?

One of the most critical factors you should consider when choosing a cloud-based UC solution is its ability to increase productivity. One vendor and a unified communications solution that can meet your organization’s needs will help your business become more structured and effective. This can help you reduce your operations’ complexity and improve your business’s efficiency. Therefore, a good UCaaS solution should include various features, such as enterprise voice, messaging, video conferencing, and contact center, as components of the overall solution.

What’s your SLA uptime?

Suppose your candidate vendor can’t promise you a 99.99% uptime SLA. In that case, you should look elsewhere because your UCaaS provider should be able to ensure that your phones are always working to avoid disruptions in your business operations. For example, SimpleVoIP can guarantee a 99.99% SLA uptime with a US-based customer support team, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

Can you provide custom solutions that can enable my employees to work more conveniently?

The pandemic accelerated the shift toward hybrid and remote work models, resulting in organizations adopting mobile-first strategies. In addition, the rising number of millennials is expected to become the majority of the workforce over the next few years—a group of people who gravitate towards technologically savvy ways to communicate. So choosing a UCaaS provider that can offer convenient, flexible, and smart solutions should be a huge factor for consideration.

Are you flexible enough to grow with my business?

A cloud-based UC solution will grow with you, and adding new users or locations should come quickly and easily with all the necessary licensing and provisioning. The ability to support business continuity plans is also a key factor in choosing the right vendor. Ask the provider to give you detailed information about their custom solutions, configurations, and provisioning process.

What technological features do you offer?

A comprehensive understanding of the various technologies used by your organization can help the UCaaS provider’s team of experts effectively bring all of those technological components together so you can reap all the benefits of their offering.

Also, consider their ability to provide rich functionality and performance, regardless of the device or the mode of connection. Cloud solutions can and should support the latest technology and simplify the connectivity requirements of remote users.

You deserve to partner with a UCaaS provider with extensive expertise that can provide customized solutions that fit your needs. To learn more about the various features and benefits of a cloud-based UC solution, contact SimpleVoIP today. We can help you navigate and transition to cloud communication as easily, quickly, and simply as possible.