Enhance Customer Convenience: Send Hours and Directions Using Texts

Enhance Customer Convenience: Send Hours and Directions Using Texts

Imagine a world where incoming calls don’t interrupt the flow of work in your store. A world where providing information such as your store hours or directions doesn’t require someone to drop their tasks to answer a phone call. This isn’t just a dream – it’s a reality with SimpleVoIP’s innovative auto-attendant feature.

One of SimpleVoIP’s most convenient features for both customers and businesses is the ability to send essential details like store hours or location directly to a customer’s phone via a simple SMS. By pressing a single button, the caller receives a text message with the information they need – this effortless interaction replaces potentially confusing phone conversations and is especially handy when it comes to providing directions.

Now, instead of trying to convey directions over a call – an often difficult task that takes up valuable time – customers can receive your store’s address in a text. They simply need to click the address, and their preferred map service, such as Google Maps, will provide them with turn-by-turn directions. This feature is not only convenient for the customers, but it also saves the store’s employees from interrupting their work to give directions.

This feature has been successfully used by many of our clients. Moreover, it’s not just a one-time setup. This feature is designed to be self-managed, meaning that our customers can update the hours and other details themselves. Of course, SimpleVoIP is always on standby to lend a hand, but we believe in empowering our clients to have control over their own communication systems.

As we continuously aim to support our customers, we realize that many may not be aware of this time-saving feature. That’s why we’re working to highlight its benefits and ease of use through various communication channels, such as our customer success emails.

SimpleVoIP is also dedicated to keeping all lines of communication open with our customers, updating them on new features and improvements. Adding to our commitment to simplicity and customer convenience, SimpleVoIP’s auto-attendant feature has an added benefit – it reduces the likelihood of miscommunication. We all know that giving and interpreting directions over the phone can sometimes lead to confusion and errors.

With our SMS feature, your customers receive clear, precise information that they can refer back to at any time. This provides a much-needed level of certainty and convenience for both parties involved. It’s another way SimpleVoIP is revolutionizing business communications, always with an eye towards helping our clients offer the best possible service to their customers.

This auto-attendant feature is one of the many ways SimpleVoIP is harnessing technology to make your business communications simpler, more efficient, and more effective.

We look forward to helping more of our clients discover and utilize this function to streamline their operations and provide superior service to their customers.

Stay tuned to our blog and customer success emails for more information on how you can get the most out of SimpleVoIP’s features and services.