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Franchise Phone System: What to Keep in Mind as Franchisor and Franchisee

Posted Date:
Apr, 2021
Posted By: Josh Robbins
Categories: VoIP Phone
What does a franchise phone system need that differs from other businesses? A franchise operates on many different moving parts, and with so many vested interests, it can be difficult to find an all-in-one solution that addresses both common and individual needs. Thankfully, there is an answer: SimpleVoIP. Franchises differ from other businesses – with individual franchisees holding important stakes in the overall health of the company, many different aspects need to be juggled at once to keep things afloat. Adopting a single phone system across the board can provide great benefits in terms of value, but without robust features, can often fail every part of the company. It is important to look out for:
  • 24/7 support for locations with late night operations
  • Customized messaging unique to each location
  • Auto-attendant features to properly direct calls
  • Curbside SMS messaging features
  • Time of day routing
What considerations need to be made from both the perspective of a franchisor and a franchisee? We investigate both below, and find mutual ground between both parties that ensures the success of both.

Franchise Phone System for Franchisors

A franchise depends on many hands to keep business operations in check. For that purpose, a unified, central partner can help coordinate business operations across dozens or even hundreds of locations to ensure that your messaging remains uniform while addressing the needs of each individual location. Yet relying on a single franchise phone system provider can add compromises that don’t mesh well with each individual branch. Finding room for flexibility and adaptability can serve as a common ground to ensure the success of your business. SimpleVoIP phones provide franchises with phone systems that meet the needs of the business as a whole. With 24/7 support, we offer assistance around the clock for each branch, eliminating costly service interruptions. Best of all, an internet-based phone provider means a minimal investment in hardware is necessary to get phones across your entire franchise up and running. Installation is simple, and better service can be delivered immediately across all stores.

Franchise Phone System for Franchisees

As a franchisee, your objective is to represent and support the parent company to the best of your ability while generating revenue. You also need to make sure your store is operating at full capacity throughout the day beyond the typical hours of a 9 to 5. A franchisee’s objectives are twofold: keeping in touch with staff and customers, and keeping in touch with the corporate office as well as other franchise locations. A franchise operator’s immediate objective is to resolve issues in your store. With customized messaging and call routing, you can create a call directory that responds to immediate needs like store hours, location, and even SMS texting to communicate directly with customers. For calls that need to be directly elsewhere, you can save company time by having them go to the right place, without the need for your staff to pick up the phone. You are the link between your business and customers and the corporate office – as such, you require a phone that can handle every issue that falls between these opposite poles. A phone system like SimpleVoIP is ideally suited to businesses like franchises that require a uniform approach to business with flexibility for each branch.

You’re Busy. Shouldn’t Your Phone System Be Working for You?

Every level of a franchise is met with unique challenges that require decisive leadership. Franchisors and franchisees both operate at their best when they are focused at the task at hand, rather than being distracted by phone systems that fail to address their needs. A franchise phone system needs to pick up the slack where typical solutions fail. It needs to be able to function around the clock, direct calls where they are intended to go, and work for your entire company. This means 24/7 service, customizability, and features that keep business operating as usual. Installation needs to be simple at every location – the definition of plug and play service. SimpleVoIP is an internet phone service provider that is perfectly suited for the diverse needs of a franchise. Contact us today to learn more about our features and offerings.
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