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How to Empower Your Workforce Through Communication

Posted Date:
Jan, 2022
Posted By: Arisa Himmelein
Categories: General
Communication has changed dramatically in the last decade and more so in the past two years. People now use instant messaging on several platforms and applications instead of only using phone calls, emails, and even fax machines.

Today, companies communicate using various means. But, what does this mean for the internal communication of a company? This article will look at the most critical internal communication trends that will affect companies in 2022 and beyond.

Prioritizing Employee Experience

HR professionals have been slowly implementing employee experience into their company culture in the last few years. Even though employee experience is becoming more critical to companies, it still has to be embedded in internal communication to achieve positive results.

The employee experience refers to the journey an employee goes through when working for a company. It includes the various aspects of their job role, including their physical and mental health. Jacob Morgan, a professor of management and technology at UC Berkeley, said that employee experience is largely influenced by the environment, tools used, and corporate culture.

According to Morgan, the goal should create a positive and comprehensive employee experience for everyone involved. The employee journey begins during the onboarding process and carries over into the daily interactions with the company's employees.

Effective internal communication is the core of employee experience. It allows employees to remain informed about the company's operations and culture. The communication departments of a company need to provide a positive and comprehensive employee experience because the employee lifecycle changes constantly, and these departments have to improve their experience continuously.

You can start effective communication by procuring a system that can support instant messaging and video calls on the go while routing them to the right people with customized tools and privacy in mind. SimpleVoIP provides the kind of support you need to enable your employees to work remotely or in the office.

Despite the rise of digital communication, most companies still rely on old-school emails and phone calls. A mobile-first communication app can help improve communication efficiency and enhance the employee experience. It can also help minimize misunderstandings.

A Digital-First Workforce

The number of Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce will grow significantly in the next decade, becoming the most dominant generation in the workplace. One of the most critical factors that companies should focus on is providing an online platform that allows employees to connect socially. Visual communication has become a significant trend as people become more aware of their communication preferences.

Visual communication seems to be more authentic and credible than text, so by using video calls, you can provide nuances such as facial expressions and reactions that standard phone calls and text can't give.

With the rise of digital communication, everyone has access to a high-quality communication tool. For example, using video calls engages your employees to connect with you as you would in person.

Company-Wide Employee Recognition

Human Resources Today stated that employee recognition is a strategy that can help boost employee productivity. In addition, the increasing importance of employee recognition is why companies are starting to implement more digital communication tools. Employee recognition programs positively affect the employment relationship and lower turnover. The Human Resources Today survey revealed that employees believe that being thanked by their manager makes a difference in the relationship.

Your next step is to implement an employee recognition system that works seamlessly for you. Then, recognize and celebrate employees regularly. By doing so, you can improve your overall culture.

Lessen Your Employees' Work Through Automations

Automated calling services allow businesses and organizations to place significant calls at once to a specific number of people. They do it to save time and money. Automated phone systems can play pre-recorded messages that will play depending on your customers' and employees' concerns or inquiries. We can also send alternate messages if calls reach a voicemail system or a machine.

An automated phone system uses software and a modem to dial a list of numbers. It saves a lot of time for your employees to prioritize more critical tasks. It's also a lifesaver when it comes to emergencies.

With the rise of text messaging, more people use automated systems to communicate. This form of communication combines the convenience of a phone system with the immediacy of a text message. Converting an existing phone system into an automated system allows businesses to offer more personalized messages to their customers and even employees.

Modern consumers expect prompt responses and better customer service. Having an automated phone system can help provide these services more quickly. It can also help resolve various issues and concerns without requiring your employee's help.

With an automated call center, you can provide a variety of self-service options that allow customers to meet their needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Providing consistency and reliability to all your stakeholders, whether they're external or internal, is key to a thriving company. So, if you're interested in improving your business communication, email or call 855-899-8647.

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