SimpleVoIP offers the Best VoIP Service with a Smile.

SimpleVoIP offers the Best VoIP Service with a Smile.

As a restaurant owner, it isn’t hard to see the benefits of having VoIP service. With customized messaging, seamless service, and flexibility for SMS messaging and curbside pickup, VoIP service for restaurants make interactions with customers easier than ever. Yet a restaurant operates much like a well-oiled machine. In order to net profits, there must be as little interruption of service throughout the day, and even a small degree of downtime can lead to massive losses. One of the most pressing questions that restaurant owners have is: how long will it take to get VoIP service set up in my restaurant? Even more daunting is the prospect that a cloud-based business phone system might go down right when you need it the most. Thankfully, VoIP service is easy to set up, and our team can quickly and easily resolve issues before they become a problem for your restaurant. Read more about how the best VoIP service takes only seconds to install and how our service team ensures quality control mere minutes after any sort of delay.

How Long Does VoIP Service Take to Set Up?

Every minute that isn’t spent serving customers is a minute that your restaurant isn’t making money. Switching phone systems might be seen as a time-intensive process that leaves your business without orders coming through – in the age of COVID-19, mobile orders and phone orders are more important than ever, and the margins for loss are greater than ever. Thankfully, setting up VoIP service is easy and rarely takes longer than a few minutes. If you choose to buy phones directly from us, the service is Plug and Play and is as easy as logging onto a friend’s WiFi at their home. If you use existing phones, you only need to plug your existing phone cable into an analog converter box. Using VoIP phones is hardly any different than using any other phone – the customers that speak to you will be routed more appropriately to various phones around a restaurant. For instance, a customer asking for directions can simply be given the information automatically, and phones routed toward reservations won’t be sent to the kitchen. VoIP phones for restaurants offer minimal interruptions with noticeable results. Customers looking to call a restaurant look for simplicity first, and our customized features make it easy for them to get the service they need when they need it.

The Best VoIP Service Depends on Minimal Downtime

A good restaurant owner understands that mitigating downtime is the hallmark of great service. When someone orders food, they expect it within a reasonable window of time, and failing to do so equates to lost customers and negative reviews. With the shift towards mobile pickup orders, restaurant owners have to look outside of the kitchen and the dining room towards platforms for delivery. VoIP service is the best way of doing this, but like any technology, it can be severely impacted by technical issues. A VoIP experience is only as good as the network it is built on. Our service is built on an ultra-redundant network in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. By functioning as an extension of your help desk, we are able to offer our customers a 100% uptime SLA through 24-hour handset monitoring. If a phone system goes offline, or our system senses call quality issues and transfer this information to our team within 6 minutes, our team can reach out to the team immediately to help troubleshoot the issue. Built-in disaster recovery ensures that calls can keep coming in when the unexpected happens, such as an internet outage or power failure. Calls can be routed to a cell phone when regular phones are not operating. Users can also log into the portal and enable call forwarding in real-time with no additional charges. SimpleVoIP offers more than just phone service, including the network surrounding the phones: routers, firewalls, wireless access points, and internet service providers are all included in our business model. By taking a comprehensive approach to VoIP networking, SimpleVoIP is a one-stop shop for restaurants looking to take charge of their phone systems.